Natural dog treats enhanced with added vitamins. Enhanced with DHA to support cognitive development. No meat by-products; propylene glycol; red 40. Love them like a family. Treat them like a family. Superior nutrition. Ultimate protection. We brought Blue home when he was just a cute little guy, full of energy that was hysterical to watch - until he started getting into things. Hey, we all need training when we're young. So we decided to create meat-frist, soft-moist training morsels that are as good for dogs as they taste. That's why nutritious Blue Bits always start with real beef and contain no meat by-products, propylene glycol, or red 40 like you might find in some other treats. And, with DHA - an Omega-3 fatty acid that supports development - they're ideal for all pups. We hope yours enjoys them as much as Blue! - The Bishop Family. Enhanced with DHA: Good for skin & coat! Supports brain health! Join the Blue Family at: Call Us at: 1.800.919.2833.