Matt,  your produce manager, keeps the produce department full of the freshest fruits and vegetables in the market. If there is any exotic fruits or rare vegetables that you would like, let Matt know and he will be happy to get it for you.

In your produce department at Gary's, you will always find the highest quality fresh produce each and every time you visit our store. At Gary's we expect the best from our suppliers simply because we believe that our customers deserve the finest quality fruits and vegetables available. We adhere to strict standards to guarantee the finest produce in both size and quality. We hand-select every piece of fruit and every single vegetable that goes out on display.

Check out our assortment of USDA certified organic produce. It's the healthiest produce available. It has been produced without any fertilizers or pesticides and hasn't been genetically modified.

Matt really enjoys making fruit or relish trays and fruit baskets. If you have any special events that you need one, let Matt know and he will make it any way you want!

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